A global network of researchers working as an innovation radar. 🚀 🌎

We look for insights around the world based on consumer behavior to help you generate new ideas to make great products, services and content.

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Newsletters, videos, masterclasses, templates, reports, podcasts, books... Everything we have created for free to help you think creatively and generate better insights in your daily basis. 
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We collect and curate business ideas from all around the world, putting in monthly easy-to-implement reports, with the guarantee that your business field will be covered.
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Get a personalized report made 100% for your project, based on your needs. We'll research for you by curating business ideas from all around the world that match with your company.
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Open your mind and learn how to understand customers behavior and their needs, generating ideas to innovate and grow your business by implementing our techniques organized in an easy method of 5 steps.
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Using consumer insights, we can help you creatively identify ways to improve your results and provide inspiration for your projects, getting different point of views for new products, services, marketing and content strategy.
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100% remote (distributed) company
That means we work together in teams from all over the world, based on the projects needs. Globally relevant with a local vision.

We are a creative business partner
Everything we do is based on business vision, focus on generate insights that can improve your results and make great products and services.

Focus on problem solving with versatility
We go besides the briefing, deep in the problem understanding to become more efficient and coherent with your business strategy and needs.

Marcio Cantelli

Hello, I'm the Founder of Dada 22 and I'm here for you.
We are always working hard to meet your needs,
so if you have any feedback or questions,
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