A global network of researchers working as an innovation radar. 🚀 🌎

We look for ideas and insights around the world, delivering monthly easy-to-implement reports for your business in order to innovate it.
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WHY? 🤔

It is really hard to be an entrepreneur with lots of activities going on at the same time and still get updated on the best market practices in this fast-paced world.

Let us research for you and bring more innovation to your business. Insights that can help you reduce cost, generate more revenue and be ahead of your competitors.


We collect and curate business ideas from all around the world, putting in monthly easy-to-implement reports. For less than 10 dollars a month you will get relevant information on:
  1. Trends.
  2. Consumption movements.
  3. Insights for your business.
  4. Worldwide real cases.

HOW? ✈️

Great quality reports with affordable prices. We can do it by using concepts of sharing economy and crowdfunding in our subscribers community .

All the content we research is shared with our subscribers and all the small monthly payments create a fund that allows us to make more reports with people from Americas, Europe and Asia.

Next generation of customer service (FREE)

Insights around the new generation of consumers that is looking to solve anything right here and right now. Get inspired and be prepared.
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How often can I expect for new releases?

At least one new report a month will be available. Occasionally we can also release additional videos, docs, presentations and live online workshops. You will receive notifications by e-mail and posts in our timeline.

What happens if I can't find a report that fits my needs?

We guarantee that your business field will be covered. As soon as you subscribe you will get an e-mail with a few questions about your business and we'll add it to our "production line" OR you can buy a personalized report 100% made for you and based on your needs by clicking on this link.

Is there any trial period?

We are working on it, but for now you can download a report about next generation of customer service for free. It's a great way to have a better idea of our deliverables.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. There is no extra charge and you keep your access until your current paid period ends.

I have further questions about the subscription. How can I contact you?

Just send us an e-mail to hello@dadainsights.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. ;)

Be ahead of your time! 🚀

Imagine paying less than 10 dollars a month to have an international team researching and curating global consumer insights for your business in order to innovate it.

Discover the latest trends about to impact your business and get inspired by our monthly hand-made reports with many ideas and easy-to-implement insights.
Sign up for $7/month or $77/year! 🤓

Marcio Cantelli

Hello, I'm the Founder of Dada 22.
We are always working hard to meet your needs,
so if you have any feedback, please, share with us. ;)