Consumer trends and insights consulting

Specially designed for companies and marketing agencies that want to know the next move.
~ Even more for the post-COVID world.

Using consumer insights, we can help you creatively identify ways to improve your results and provide inspiration for your projects, getting different points of view for new products, services, marketing and content strategy.

Consumer insights for different needs

Marketing agencies

A) Insights for your media content strategy plan
Understand what media, type and format of content fit best with your target, objectives and campaigns.

B) Inspiration for your projects
Get different points of views for publics, products, services and markets, helping your team to build a better strategy based on consumer insights.

C) Find trends and consumption movements
That are strong related to your objectives, making your decisions clearer and easier for your client to understand and be with you on implementation.

D) Shape your brand strategy
Empower your campaign with consumer insights and market research. What strategy and target market will bring more results to your business?

Companies and Startups

E) Create products and services
Shape your ideas with a market fit. Who are willing to buy and what's the potential market?

F) Enhance your presentations
Use references to enrich your presentations and inspire your audience by bringing facts and consumption behavior about your target.

G) Brainstorm and ideation
Define better questions and objectives for your projects. Get dozens of worldwide references and ideas, specially curated for your project.

H) Finding growth
We help you get a plan to bring more customers to your business and make more profit by enhancing your products and services with useful insights.


+ PDF file with all detailed information.
+ Video with project overview.

All projects include:
> Our point of view about your objectives.
> Market overview.
> Main consumer trend related.
> Consumptions movements.
> Worldwide references as examples.
> Consumer insights based on your needs.

How does it work? Step by step 🚀

1. You will be asked a few questions about your business and what your expectations are (based on the needs above - one of the options from A to H).

2. We'll get in touch with you to listen your expectations and talk a little bit about your project and company to define our research scope.

3. We'll research, getting all data about your market, target, trends and consumption movements related to your needs.

4. At this stage, we'll deep dive in all information we've collected, sharing with our worldwide specialists to connect the dots.

5. Defining concept by shaping our solution in a video and PDF format.

6. At this final step, we'll present you everything we've done and how to use the information, strategy and data we've collected.

Why us? 🤔

100% remote (distributed) company
That means we work together in teams from all over the world, based on the projects needs. Globally relevant with a local vision.

We are a creative business partner
Everything we do is based on business vision and focus on generate insights that can improve your results by making great products and services.

Focus on problem solving with versatility
We go deep in the problem understanding to become more efficient and coherent with your business strategy and needs.

Need help? We are here for you, just let us know

Contact us using the messenger chat (right bottom corner) or drop us a line via email:

During the consulting process you will get the opportunity to ask questions, interact with our team, share your expectations and get advice about your project or products and services.